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Leon Engelen oil paintings

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Hagerman Art - Realistic Paintings of the American Landscape Linda Paul Studio - prints & paintings of Italy & France Your - Thousand of Art Resources
             Oil paintings featuring the South Florida landscape, The Everglades, Big Cypress and the Florida Keys Artworld Directory
Bj. de Castro Art Studio Professional Artists
Professional Artists. A Directory of the Arts, Internationally
This Canadian fine art gallery focuses on contemporary and modern art. Modern art works of established artists from Canada and Europe. Landscapes, flower still life, modern portraits and seascapes.
Niagara Art: Old Portrait Painting
             - A place for you to promote your artwork for free!
A place for you to promote your artwork for FREE!
World Wide Arts Resources d'ART - The Internet Art Database
Custom AirBrush By Frank Hazen
Xue Yanqun's Oil Paintings online gallery Island Art is a wholesale publisher and distributor of Art reproductions and Art Products
ArtQuest Link  
             InternationalArt Contest
Visit the WWW Art Guide
An art gallery displaying paintings and prints by Mike Knight An Oergon artist who paints in a realistic manner

Artsake Global Gallery - List your exhibitions for FREE
Click here for Artsake Global Gallery

An American Artist born in Russia Art Landerman Art
Fantastic Artwork expressed in Encaustic Wax by artist Thea from Germany. Oil Paintings For Sale Favorite Paintings
Andrea Kostelec  
Inspirational Artist
World Fine Art Gallery

World Fine Art Gallery is an artist collective gallery that exhibits the works of selected artists from around the world. Exhibitions are held in its physical gallery and online. The online gallery features over 200 artist listings with over 6,000 jpg images.

Accomplished Artists Worldwide Fine Art Database
Alanna Marohnic uses watercolors and ink to celebrate the natural beauty of the world. Fine Art For Sale and by Commission
Studio Elena Roché
Floral Watercolors, Portrait Commissions, Still Life

Brian McCarthy - Irish Art
Philip Malpass - A Commercial artist & Illustrator working in the U.K MoatsArt.....An artists gallery
Anita Obarymskyj
Subjects of works include animals, flowers, landscapes, and more. Also includes portrait works.
James Daniel
classically trained artist, specializes in the human figure and portrait. His use of light and shadow, along with an understanding of anatomy, gives the feeling that one should experience when viewing classical art.
French realist artist Oil Paintings and Frames For Your Home and Office Build Your Art Gallery Website. - Build professional Art Gallery Website using online design templates  
Mary G. Smith Fine Art Portraits by Maddy Swan
Galeriegate all about art around the world Enjoy the eyecandy Ukrainian Art Gallery
African Wildlife Painter
Paintings by Maryann Schulz
Dutch artist with unique style Carl Toboika's ART
Pet portraits, wildlife art, flower studies and more from three international women artists in oils, pastels and watercolours. Originals, prints, cards and commissions. Painter of original landscapes,seascapes, portraits and structures, in oil on canvas.
Gallery-A - Art-catalogue, on-line gallery, paintings in realism and impressionism styles Russian Artist Vasilij Belikov. BELIKOV VASILIJ MATVEEVICH (1921-1994) - member of the USSR Union of Artists
Russian Artist Vasilij Belikov
(1921-1994) - member of the USSR Union of Artists
  Ron Gang - The light, color and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert. Oil paintings.
nz artist sites  
Franz Brandner

View the art of Mohamed Ghazala - An Egyptian artist skilled in the use of pastels

- Mohamed Ghazala -
Egyptian Artist
'Skilled in pastels'.

Oil paintings for sale - Russian online art gallery
The Hanson Art Gallery  
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